Letters to the Editor

This election, remember that life is about people, not money

Two things motivate my candidacy for U.S. Congress: 1. to oppose the evil, self-destructive, economically motivated wars our Wall Street-run government is conducting; and 2. to call attention to the plight of young adults today.

With hyperinflated college tuition, crushing student loan debts, expensive health insurance (that young people mostly don’t need), paying into a failing social security system, no jobs and unaffordable housing, young people today are an underclass. Even those with jobs are lucky if they merely survive living paycheck to paycheck. The prospect of so natural a “right” as having one’s own place to live and starting a family is out of reach. Young people are leaving the county in record numbers.

That we would place this burden on our children is incomprehensible. It is a sign of how little control we have over our lives today — and how blind economic forces, an obsession with money over humanism, a corrupt government led by two corporation-serving parties and chronic obsession with divisive issues has failed to produce the kind of society we want.

The time has come to reject two-party tyranny, to stop the wars, and to admit to ourselves and one another that life is about people, not money.

John Uebersax, Morro Bay