Letters to the Editor

Ex-Cal Poly player who pleaded no contest should be given 2nd chance

I do not know Cameron Akins (“Ex-Cal Poly football player pleads no contest to attempted robbery,” May 12). I only know of him by what has been published in The Tribune regarding the incident he was involved in August 2014 — the one allegedly involving four other Cal Poly students and athletes. My perception is that the young men’s alleged actions were very stupid and that obviously the severity of those actions did not register in advance with any one of the accused culprits.

I am motivated to write this letter after reading that Mr. Akins, who is the only one of the five who has pleaded no contest to the felony charges, is facing a minimum of four and a half and a maximum of 16 years in state prison. I believe the possible sentence he faces will serve no one with any positive outcome and shows lack of compassion from our community. Unless he has some heinous history, which I doubt since he was admitted to Cal Poly as an athlete, he deserves a much less severe punishment for his mistakes. He deserves to be shown he is worthy of a second chance. Probation, counseling and care would be appropriate consequences for his actions, not a prison sentence.

Bernadette Bernardi, San Luis Obispo