Letters to the Editor

Katcho Achadjian will fight for the Central Coast

Katcho Achadjian, congressional candidate
Katcho Achadjian, congressional candidate ldickinson@thetribunenews.com

I want to vote for someone who is for the people — not your typical politician.

I want an honest person. I want someone who puts the people first, above all else. I want Katcho Achadjian to represent me in Congress. He is a man of integrity who tells the truth and keeps his word. Do you know how rare that is these days?

He makes the time to acknowledge people for their outstanding job of leadership in the community. He communicates and interacts well with public officials and constituents. He makes time for the people he serves. Katcho actually does his job. He does not put himself first like typical politicians who are in office for their own benefit.

Katcho’s mission is to give back to the community, and it has been since long before he held public office.

I want Katcho to be my voice in Washington, D.C. After you consider the other candidates running for Congress in our district, ask yourself: Who will be the most dedicated public servant for the people? My answer is Katcho, because he already is the most dedicated public servant I have ever encountered. Katcho protects us on the Central Coast; you bet he will fight for us in Washington.

Lillian J. Teran, Santa Maria