Letters to the Editor

Republicans’ groveling to Donald Trump reveals primal dynamic

It’s really been a hoot to watch prominent Republicans falling in line behind Donald Trump to support him despite their professed dislike of the man and how badly he’s dissed them. (Remember “Little Marco”?) These guys remind me of low-ranking baboons or other primates who grovel before the alpha male of the troop, picking off his fleas, kissing his backside and never challenging him. They do this hoping to improve their status in the monkey kingdom and not be exiled from it.

This primal dynamic explains the GOP’s current behavior as well as the pitiful lot of Joe Six-Pack who purchases a lotto ticket along with his smokes and Red Bull at the minimart, dreaming how he’ll one day get rich, be a macho bully and be a big shot like the Donald himself. He’ll then drive home to his double-wide with his belly hanging over his belt.

Jay Bonestell, Los Osos