Letters to the Editor

Let Jerry Gruber follow the money trail; Cambria can do better

Jerry Gruber
Jerry Gruber

In reply to Jim Bahringer’s thesis (“CCSD not tone deaf; Gruber raise likely cheaper than finding replacement,” May 11) of why it is necessary to award Cambria Community Services District General Manager Jerry Gruber with a pay raise, I wish to disagree with the premise that any organization needs to engage in a competition for salary as a method of placating an employee who indicates that they need more money to be satisfied with their job, or hold it over the heads of management that it will cost more to replace them than to meet their salary demands.

Competing for salaries leads to an upward spiral that never ends and never satisfies anyone. If Gruber is merely kept as CCSD general manager by salary and not the great working conditions and other perks of his position, then he should be allowed to follow the money trail to happier employment with our blessings.

If we can replace the president of the United States, I submit that we can also replace Gruber. I also believe there are many qualified persons who would love to have his job and do it as well or better. The proposal to raise his salary is management folly, and Cambria should demand better government in the next election.

Melvin Dorin, Cambria