Letters to the Editor

Debbie Arnold consistently applies her core principles

This letter supports Debbie Arnold for re-election to the Board of Supervisors. I am active with county issues and observed closely the votes, statements and other actions of the supervisors. Debbie has persistently and consistently applied her core principles that she promised voters she would do if elected. Those principles are: 1. Hold government accountable by eliminating programs that don’t work; 2. Promote a healthy local economy that creates jobs; 3. Protect our open space and rural way of life; 4. Make fire protection and sheriff patrols top priorities.

Mining and railroads are a part of healthy local economy that creates jobs. Protecting property owners’ rights from government takeover by a water district is protecting open space. The Children’s Bill of Rights was an attempt for government agencies to supersede parental rights.

Debbie’s demeanor, as compared to certain others, is positive, pleasant and respectful to all. Would that others behaved as she does.

I was a teacher in Templeton when Eric Michielssen was also. I remember he left to go into the real estate business with another teacher, who also left teaching. I also remember they were buying, developing and flipping properties in the local area.

Gary L. Kirkland, Atascadero