Letters to the Editor

A Sanders-Trump contest would be a real choice for change

Hillary Clinton represents the status quo; Donald Trump represents change. This is a change election. If Hillary is the nominee, she could lose. The country needs change. Everyone knows it! “No more of the same corrupt politics” has made Bernie Sanders and Donald so popular.

Donald’s not beholden to anyone. He is unpredictable. He is the quintessential salesman. He has said and done almost anything to win. The establishment hates him. He cannot be bought. He cannot be controlled.

Hillary is in everyone’s pocket; Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street, you name it. Business as usual.

The American people are tired of it.

Trump supporters and Bernie supporters want a new paradigm. We want our government back. No more corporate rule. Hillary will lose if she is the nominee. A Bernie Sanders-Donald Trump contest gives the electorate a real choice: A free-market capitalist vs. a middle-class populist.

The winner of a Sanders-Trump contest will define the pulse of the American people. If it’s Bernie, the people want progressive, liberal ideas that unify the world and all its people; if it’s Donald, we want to retreat from the world and take care of ourselves. A real choice.

David Deick, Atascadero