Letters to the Editor

Matt Kokkonen is no Katcho Achadjian

I want to point out four differences between my positions and those of another congressional candidate, Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian.

In 2013 Katcho voted for AB 60 granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. This is a step toward permitting illegal immigrants to vote.

In 2015 he voted for AB 20, which lays the groundwork for a program to issue work permits to farmworkers who came here illegally.

A Tribune article on March 15, 2013, referred to Katcho Achadjian as “the only Republican in the state Legislature to vote in favor of bills expanding Medi-Cal.” He voted for AB 1 on March 7 and again on June 15, 2013, to expand Medi-Cal to over 1 million Californians and burden taxpayers with ongoing increased welfare costs.

Achadjian touts his “conservative” fiscal record by claiming that as San Luis Obispo County supervisor he always balanced the budget. However, as a financial adviser for over 40 years I know he balanced the budget by not funding the pension accounts adequately. Consequently, the county pension plan was left with a $350 million unfunded liability at the end of Achadjian’s supervisorial tenure. Our grandchildren will have to pay off this debt.

My positions: What about “illegal” is not clear to you? Don’t hide deficits, don’t increase taxes.

Matt Kokkonen, San Luis Obispo