Letters to the Editor

The factors that contribute to the failure of democratic process

Last month, a Tribune reader (“Nothing is scarier than an uneducated voter,” April 15) commented about my letter to the editor suggesting ways of getting back to a true representative democracy (“Call to action for ‘We the People,’ ” April 10).

The reader expressed concern about ignorant voters exercising the right to vote.

I agree with her concern and am fully aware of the risks created by democracy.

I think that the following factors (perhaps more) contribute to the failure of the democratic process:

1. Blind ideology: I stated previously that this is a terminal condition with no cure.

2. Ignorance: This could be cured by teaching, as early as possible, about the imperative of voting.

3. Lack of participation: Whether caused by apathy or not, this could be cured by impressing upon the voter the importance of going to the polls, no matter what.

4. Deception: This could be minimized if potential voters took all political ads with a grain of salt and checked out the organizations sponsoring the ads to see who is funding them.

5. Money in politics: No comment needed here.

Fabrizio Griguoli, Shell Beach