Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton wants to follow a debt-ridden path

June will mark the seventh year since the end of the Great Recession (June 2009). Focus on the national debt over the past 7 years in which the economy expanded (according to this administration).

First answer these questions:

▪ Who always voted “no” as a senator regarding raising the national debt stating that the then-president “had failed in leadership.”

▪ What president-elect ran on a platform of cutting the national debt in half ($9 trillion) stating it was un-American and “mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren?”

▪ What president doubled the national debt from (round figures) $10 trillion to $20 trillion — more than all the previous presidents combined?

Doesn’t that mean we have just mortgaged the future of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren?

And Hillary Clinton wants to continue President Barack Obama’s path.

Richard W. Neufeld, Grover Beach