Letters to the Editor

Conservative appalled at daily attacks on Donald Trump

As one of the few conservatives that still read the local newspaper, I am appalled at the daily attacks on anyone with a viewpoint other than the progressive agenda promoted by the Democratically controlled news media. It appears that any attempt to be impartial has been abandoned.

Luckily, most don’t read the newspapers anymore and get their news elsewhere.

The constant daily attacks on Donald Trump are as blatant as the lack of articles on the lies and deceit of Hillary Clinton. The Tribune only prints derogatory articles from other liberal sources such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee. Even the cartoons are picked to denigrate conservatives.

The liberal elite just can’t understand how anyone would consider voting for someone like Trump, who is finally saying what many have thought for a long time. We are tired of political correctness. We are tired of incompetent bureaucrats ruining our country, running up unsustainable debt, while pandering to countries that hate us. We are tired of taking in the poorest from other nations and having them wave their foreign flags while accepting our generous benefits. We are saying, “Lets start taking care of Americans first!”

Allen Litten, Atascadero