Letters to the Editor

Cunningham has common-sense solutions for issues


Assembly candidate Jordan Cunningham grew up here on the Central Coast and is now raising his four young children here. He knows the challenges of living on a budget and understands you cannot spend more than you take in. Cunningham realizes the money our California lawmakers spend comes directly out of the pockets of the hard-working taxpayers. This philosophy is needed in Sacramento now more than ever.

Jordan Cunningham has served San Luis Obispo County as a deputy district attorney and has seen, firsthand, the challenges facing our sheriff and police departments and what it takes to keep our community safe.

Cunningham also serves on a local school board. He has seen just how difficult it is for local parents and teachers to provide a quality K-12 education at a reasonable cost when lawmakers in Sacramento force expensive one-size-fits-all laws down onto our local schools.

We need an assemblyman with common-sense solutions for education, public safety and tax policy. We need Jordan Cunningham as our representative in the California Assembly.

Tim Farrell, San Luis Obispo