Letters to the Editor

Fareed understands people of this community

I’m supporting Justin Fareed for Congress because I believe that he is the only candidate in this race who will actually represent our voices in Washington. Having been born and raised in Santa Barbara, Justin truly understands the people of this community and the struggles they face every day. As vice president of his family’s business, he has experienced firsthand the harms caused by the excess burdens imposed on small businesses and will fight against federal overreach and excessive taxes as our congressman.

Justin also has a strong foreign policy background that will allow him to support congressional measures that will secure our country from the constant threats arising in the international community. Lastly, he is the only candidate who has a concrete plan to strengthen our economy through budget reform and to keep more money in the hands of the taxpayers.

I’m voting for Justin Fareed because I believe that he has what it takes to serve us and the future of our nation well in Congress.

Kathryn C. Donovan, Santa Maria