Letters to the Editor

Remember Debbie Arnold’s vote on Las Pilitas quarry in election

In the 5th District county supervisory contest between Eric Michielssen and Debbie Arnold, voters should remain mindful of Arnold’s vote last year in favor of the Las Pilitas quarry project. That project threatened to turn the village of Santa Margarita and the winding two-lane road east of it into an industrial corridor, with upwards of 250 tandem gravel trucks rumbling through there every day on their way between the quarry and the freeway.

The quarry offered no promise of community benefit. The only notable beneficiaries of the project would have been the quarry’s owners, who hoped to get rich from operating it or selling it. Those are the kinds of interests which Debbie Arnold puts ahead of the safety, quiet enjoyment and property values of the ordinary people who make up the vast majority of her constituents.

We dodged a bullet last year when Supervisor Frank Mecham cast the tie-breaking vote against the quarry. With Mecham leaving the Board of Supervisors, the Las Pilitas quarry project might well be revived. Let’s not give Debbie Arnold a chance to betray us again on that project. To protect our quality of life, elect Eric Michielssen as 5th District supervisor.

Len Colamarino, Atascadero