Letters to the Editor

Thanks for positive news on 80-year-old couple getting married

While I recognize that many in our community wish to read traditional news on the front page of The Tribune, for me (an admitted nondevotee of social media and the negativity it often inspires) it was a welcome change of pace to read some “news” about the positivity of personal connections (“80-year-old lovebirds tie the knot in Templeton,” May 9).

The story was especially poignant to me after reading about the loss of my fellow San Luis Obispo High School 1984 graduate Michelanne Kahn, who will be remembered (by pretty much everyone in our class, I’m guessing) for always having a mischievous smile on her face.

Thanks, Tribune, for recognizing that news truly is a fluid, subjective concept that, while not necessarily being important to everyone, will be important to someone.

Jeri Luther, Templeton