Letters to the Editor

Legal age for alcohol and tobacco should be 18

As I was reading the sample ballot pamphlet, news on the new law that raises the age required to purchase cigarettes to 21 was being aired. I couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy of our political system. The only proposition on the ballot, Proposition 50, concerns suspension of pay/position of state Legislature members. We had no say on the age to purchase cigarettes, yet we have to vote on whether a fired senator should get paid? Should it not be the other way around? Can’t the state government decide on pay issues of senators that are under investigation or indictment? I am sure someone who’s 18 would have wanted a ballot measure for the tobacco age.

As far as the age to purchase cigarettes is concerned, my opinion is this: If you raise the age for alcohol and tobacco to 21, then raise legal adulthood to 21. I believe 18 should be the legal age for alcohol and tobacco. As a veteran, I feel if you are old enough to serve, you should be able to drink and smoke.

If you hold one responsible as an adult, but withhold privileges of being an adult, it is unjust — regardless of health benefits.

Charles C. Bird, San Luis Obispo