Letters to the Editor

Denying Nipomo Mesa dust problem is like climate change denial

We who live on the Nipomo Mesa just experienced a terrible week of terrible air quality. One day, our exposure reached 499 micrograms of PM10 per liter of air, when 50 micrograms is the state standard for protecting public health.

And yet there are those who continue to contend that what we are breathing is “natural,” which in the face of considerable scientific evidence to the contrary, is somewhat like climate change deniers or those who insisted that the Earth was flat.

If you doubt that this PM10 problem is only found right here on the central coast of California, I suggest you contact all the other Air Pollution Control Districts on California’s coast. Concerned Citizens for Clean Air did, and not one APCD reported a particulate matter PM10 issue. And yes, we are also the only one with an off-highway vehicle park. But the park can continue and Mesa residents can be protected if political agendas are put aside in the interest of public safely. But so far, that has been too much to ask.

Dorothy Modafferi, Nipomo