Letters to the Editor

Dan Carpenter is an integral part of the SLO community

Dan Carpenter has my full support for the 3rd District supervisor.

Dan’s family has been a part of this community for many generations. I have only been here since 1948, but I appreciate what he has done and tries to do. He understands the importance of respectful leadership when serving the public.

By my observations, he is the most visible, hard-working councilmember we have in the city of San Luis Obispo. He responds immediately to my concerns and I see him daily walking the streets, in our city, tirelessly engaging his constituents.

Oftentimes, I stop and we chat about how to make our city better. What other elected official conducts their office hours on the street, genuinely reaching out to the people he serves? He truly cares!

I have known Dan personally for many years, and I assure you, he will not only bring a wealth of experience to the office, but he will bring from his heart, a wealth of experience and truthfulness to the office.

Integrity and character have been missing in our current leadership, sadly I must add. Please join me in supporting Carpenter for 3rd District supervisor, one who truly loves our city and county, on June 7.

Steve Boyle, San Luis Obispo