Letters to the Editor

Conditions for voting for Jordan Cunningham

If you pay taxes, you want Jordan Cunningham to represent you in the California Assembly.

If you know free phones, free housing and free transportation are all far more expensive when government “gives” it to you, then you should also know Cunningham is the best choice to be your assemblyman.

If you realize that to be able to help those who are truly in need, you first have to be financially stable enough to give the help, then Jordan Cunningham is the one to vote for.

If you have, or hope to have, children or grandchildren and would like them to be able to afford to live and work in California, you need Jordan Cunningham to help keep Sacramento from driving away businesses with high taxes and unnecessary regulations that send those companies and those jobs to other states.

A sensible voice is sorely needed in Sacramento. Jordan Cunningham will serve us well in the California Assembly.

Carolyn Atkinson, Los Osos