Letters to the Editor

Republican Party will get what they deserve with Trump

It is a sad day when a crude, arrogant, narcissistic, rude and philandering fraud can fool people into voting him to a party’s nomination.

Ted Cruz, a quality individual who is honest, respectful, smart and genuine never had a chance. The entire media was stacked against him, including Fox News, Sean Hannity, et al.

Cruz could not get a fair shake or obtain equal time that was given freely to Donald Trump. Trump masqueraded as a conservative and conned millions of people into voting for him by acting like a spoiled kid.

He called his opponent “Lyin’ Ted” for months, all the while not being able to document one single lie that Cruz supposedly told. He demeaned women at every opportunity, and could not coherently articulate one single plan or proposed policy.

The Republican Party gets what they deserve: a liberal who lied his way to the nomination at the expense of the next Ronald Reagan. I want nothing to do any longer with the Republican Party or the fools who supported him.

Jody Langford, Templeton