Letters to the Editor

Lay off shallow personality sniping about political candidates

I’ve continually read and heard about how “harsh” and “overly forceful” Adam Hill is in his relations with people. I sympathize with him in this because I, too, have often been accused of the same kind of thing since moving here from Detroit (“North Coast”) back in 2008. Hill is originally from New Jersey (“East Coast”). These are very different places culturally from mild-mannered California, and it’s easy for people here, especially middle-class professional types, to hear “harshness” when people from “back East” speak in a passionate, serious, critical way.

Sometimes there is indeed anger involved, but usually only when anger is provoked and called for in dealings with arrogant authorities, and so on. Frankly, given the people that Hill has to interact with on that board, I believe he has been amazingly reserved through it all.

Now, I’m not a supporter of Hill in elections or politically. But it bugs me no end to constantly hear the whining about his “aggressive harshness.” He is at least up front, instead of the phony “niceness” that is common here. Lay off the shallow personality sniping.

Jim Griffin, San Luis Obispo