Letters to the Editor

Central Coast Funds for Children supports abused children treatment

The Abused Children’s Treatment Services Program would again like to express our gratitude to Central Coast Funds for Children.

Earlier this year, CCFC awarded $3,000 to the ACTS program, which provides mental health services to traumatized and abused children. Thanks to CCFC’s amazing ability to support the community’s children through fundraising, CCFC awarded the ACTS program an additional $1,000, bringing the total award to $4,000!

So far this year, this has enabled children to engage in extracurricular activities such as drama and softball. These activities create lifelong memories, bonds, and help shape our children into responsible team players. Thank you Central Coast Funds for Children. We would like to encourage everyone to check out their website at www.centralcoastfundsforchildren.org.

Anne Griffin, Abused Children’s Treatment Services coordinator and therapist