Letters to the Editor

Consider Oceano Dunes dust in SLO County’s District 3 supervisory race

I was astounded when I read District 3 supervisory candidate statements in The Tribune. I was looking forward to learning how the candidates would address the Oceano Dunes dust problem, but what I read was disturbing.

Debbie Peterson and Dan Carpenter have both been exposed to the truth that dangerous PM10 and PM2.5 particulate coming from the dunes is caused by off-highway vehicle activity on the county-owned La Grande tract.

Peterson served on the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District board until her City Council removed her for exceeding her authority. Carpenter, while newer to the problem, has been adequately briefed by experts on the issue. So, they both know the truth: that the amount of dune dust that is a significant health risk to Nipomo Mesa residents is not a natural phenomenon. If it were, other air boards along California’s coast would register PM10 silica dust problems, but not one does.

Paving roads, as Peterson suggests, will not solve the problem because the particulate matter in question is silica dust, not dirt dust from roads.

Offering erroneous perspectives in the face of what they already know to be true must only be attributable to having aligned themselves with special interests at the expense of the health of Mesa residents. Perhaps they should dispense with political agendas. They do know better. Voters should consider this when casting their ballots.

Rosemary Nelson, Nipomo