Letters to the Editor

A few questions 24th District congressional candidates should answer

Voters would appreciate if each candidate for Congress’ 24th District would respectively and with specificity comment on their understandings and solutions regarding:

1. Debt: Our out-of-control, now $19.3 trillion-plus generational-imposed national debt and paying for $102 trillion in congressionally mandated unfunded liabilities, which include Social Security and Medicare, both heading for insolvency.

2. The economy: An economy with a lack of real meaningful wage and job growth, with only 63 percent of our workforce participating, a 40-year low. About 47 million of our people are living below the poverty level, and 45.4 million are on food stamps.

3. Obamacare and its negative results as to increased costs, affordability, desired coverage, quality of care and accessibility.

4. National security: Mexican cartels and their promotion of drug addiction on our citizens — especially our youth, human trafficking, the threat imposed by the radical Islamic movement, the threats from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, along with cyberattacks and information thefts on our government and private business.

5. Education reform.

6. The infrastructure problem.

7. Term limits.

H.T. Bryan, Santa Barbara