Letters to the Editor

How long will San Luis Obispo County ignore its housing crisis?

Homes in San Luis Obispo.
Homes in San Luis Obispo. jjohston@thetribunenews.com

I recently lost my long-term rental of 24 years in Los Osos. I immediately began the search for housing and soon realized that there is none in this area.

I am one of hundreds of people in this area who work hard every day and love living in Los Osos. One month ago, I began staying in my 8-foot travel trailer in a friend’s driveway. It is illegal, but it was my only choice while searching for housing. I received a 72-hour notice to vacate.

Where am I supposed to go? I guess the county would rather I sleep in my car on the side of the road.

The recent sewer completion in Los Osos has caused a flood of people in my position. I just met three people who have joined the ranks.

The greed and glut of San Luis Obispo County astounds me. Where are the working poor supposed to live? California Valley? We are not riff raff; we are the people who mow your lawns, paint your houses and sit next to you in church on Sunday.

How long will San Luis Obispo County turn a blind eye to this problem?

Suzanne Smith, Los Osos