Letters to the Editor

Paso Robles shooting a symptom of larger crime epidemic

The article (“Paso Robles men arrested in connection with Sunday shooting,” April 8) involving men from Paso Robles depicts that more and more crimes are being committed, and consequently, crime rates are rising at an alarming rate.

As a concerned senior at Paso Robles High School, my and my peers’ futures are threatened by crimes of the sort. Moreover, this issue is not only bigger than me, but bigger than Paso Robles as a whole.

I believe the Paso Robles Police Department, as well as the San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s department, are working to bring drug-related crimes rates down. But more effective approaches could be taken to prevent high-school-student and early-adulthood crimes.

For example, law enforcement could incorporate drug awareness and prevention programs at schools within the county; fewer drug users leads to fewer drug crimes and a healthier community. In addition, current narcotics laws could be enforced in a more strict manner, and punishment for such crimes should be seriously considered.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the piece you put into The Tribune, because it shows people of San Luis Obispo County the dangers of drug use.

Alfredo Rojas, Paso Robles