Letters to the Editor

Climate ‘deniers’ stay true to spirit of science by asking questions

The Chicago Tribune editorial published in The Tribune on May 3 (“The heretical heart study: When science stops asking questions”) made the best argument I have seen in print to drop the term “deniers” from the political lexicon and become serious about what science really means.

As I was taught, science means that theories and studies are published with the deliberate intent to provoke discussion and to test those hypotheses. To attack not just the science but the integrity of those who question a scientific theory is the antithesis of the scientific method.

Anyone who considers any theory “settled science” simply doesn’t understand how real science works. It also produces debacles such as described by the Chicago Tribune, where reputable scientists were afraid to publish results that challenge the accepted view for fear of a backlash from the “settled science” community. Just ask Galileo Galilei.

Russ Surber, Paso Robles