Letters to the Editor

Evacuating homeless in Paso Robles is unfair

Regarding the ongoing discussion over the homeless being evacuated from the riverbed in Paso Robles (“Paso Robles homeless cleared from Salinas River ahead of storms,” March 3), I believe we should find ways to help them.

It’s hard to understand that we are trying to help them, but they are also getting arrested. Instead of having them leave from their home, why doesn’t the city encourage them to go to a shelter or maybe find a place to work? Personally, I believe they have their rights, too, and should be treated kindly because of their living conditions.

Some of them might have gone through a lot, and evacuating them from their comfort zone may be a bit rough. I believe that if something like that happens, there should be a Plan B behind it.

If we tell them to leave, they are just going to go somewhere else and find another spot to live in. And the next thing they know, they will be evacuated again?

Maybe we should build homeless shelters and help them get back on their feet. It can help them and the community.

Jasmin Severiano, Paso Robles