Letters to the Editor

Why are we still ducking around with Donald?

The duck.

Never have I seen such a circus during an election.

Change is needed, and change is wanted, and it needs to happen.

Never have I seen the American people come to support a candidate who stands and insults, degrades and belittles anyone he wants.

Women, Hispanics, the handicapped — it’s just sickening.

Being such a great builder, he should know you start at the bottom — the foundation — and build up from there.

Local, state and elected officials need to be held responsible to us all. Threats and wild ideas are not what America is all about.

Think before you put someone like this in such worldwide position of power. There are other leaders in the world he can’t insult or bully to “Make America Great Again!”

Remember one thing: If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be Donald Duck Trump.

Russ Euglow Jr.,Paso Robles