Letters to the Editor

Debbie Peterson isn’t right candidate for District 3 supervisor

I know Debbie Peterson well and am not supporting her for District 3 supervisor. We were next-door neighbors for more than 10 years and good friends. When my husband stepped down from the Grover Beach City Council because we moved, we encouraged Debbie to apply for his position. Big mistake ...

Why? Once she got into office, she changed. She let power go to her head. For example, she was a divisive member of the Air Pollution Control District board. As Grover Beach’s appointed mayor, she was removed from the air board position by her own council for overreaching her authority and acting on her own. Subsequently, when she tried to be elected as Grover Beach mayor, the voters who know her best rejected her. Peterson takes positions she knows are untrue. She is smart — and she knows better —but she has aligned herself with special interests.

If her special-interest friends attempt to discredit my point of view as “sour grapes,” let me say up front that this viewpoint is not mine alone. HER council and HER constituents took actions that speak far more loudly than my opinion. Peterson simply is NOT the right candidate for District 3 supervisor.

Arlene Versaw, Arroyo Grande