Letters to the Editor

Eric Michielssen stands with citizens in a way Arnold hasn’t

Eric Michielssen is the best choice for 5th District supervisor and will represent District 5 interests in a way Debbie Arnold has not.

Eric supports immediate action and continued voter discussion to effectively manage our limited groundwater, with costs considered. Supervisor Arnold opposed any decisions that might negatively impact the small number of landed interests that finance her campaign.

Eric stands with the citizens of Santa Margarita opposed to the dangers presented by the Las Pilitas Quarry, while Arnold is ready to reconsider a new vote for the quarry, ignoring the safety of her own constituents.

As a veteran leader in the San Luis Obispo business and housing community, Eric supports building more affordable housing through tax credit funds, higher density and transportation design options. By contrast, Arnold votes down any plans for affordable workplace housing in favor of sprawling development that allows her biggest donors to exploit our natural resources. Eric’s vision is to protect the public interest, not special interests.

Michielssen may not be the ideal “liberal voice” that The Tribune desires to compete with Supervisor Arnold in the 5th District; however, he represents principled, yet pragmatic, opposition to the powerful interests that have guided Supervisor Arnold’s voting record.

Melinda Reed, Templeton