Letters to the Editor

Fear can be misplaced or exaggerated on the left, too

It was no surprise that Joe Tarica’s recent column regarding “fear” (“Don’t be very afraid. Just don’t be afraid at all,” April 24) focused exclusively on concerns held by some on the right half of the political spectrum. Is it asking too much for Joe to offer just a bit of balance and objectivity to a subject like this?

Fear can indeed be misplaced or exaggerated by virtually anyone, including Joe and many others who occupy the political left. May I offer a few examples?

I consider it completely irrational to fear the effects of climate change 80 years from now when so-called climate experts can’t forecast weather accurately a few weeks or months in the future. John Lindsey’s earlier warnings of an extreme El Niño no doubt brought fear to some, but his mea culpa in The Tribune now blames his exaggeration on “climate change” (“El Niño came, so why didn’t it bring more rain?” April 23). How convenient is that? And how misplaced was the fear his predictions created?

And then there’s the completely laughable reaction on some college campuses to hearing anything that disagrees with liberal dogma. The offended characterize this as “microaggression,” or even “violence.” Talk about irrational fear.

Maybe next time, Joe can acknowledge that unwarranted fear can affect anyone, not just those on the right.

Robert Olson, Arroyo Grane