Letters to the Editor

All ideologies have compelling justifications for why they’re right

People are correct when they say that religion has been the source of wars and brutality and oppression. These things result from combining a) the belief that it is right to force holders of incorrect beliefs into compliance, and b) the physical power to make it happen.

Some progressives may object to freedom of religion in matters of business because it would permit owners to engage in voluntary and uncoercive action or inaction that is not compliant with progressivism. Likewise, some progressives may champion freedom from religion because it would purify public life of incorrect beliefs — by means of government power — so that their one true ideology can assume its proper dominions without the inconvenience and unpredictability of voluntary conversion.

Progressivism can doubtlessly pose a hundred excellent reasons why it is different or necessary or right. All other ideologies have similar internally compelling justifications.

My refusal to comply with your beliefs is not the same as imposing my beliefs on you.

Eric Baldwin, Templeton