Letters to the Editor

‘Religious freedom’ law leads to absurdity when service is denied

Nichole Landon (“Law infringes on religious rights,” April 15) believes that a recent Mississippi “religious freedom” law, allowing businesses to refuse to serve LGBT people on religious grounds, supports religious liberty. But the principle that a business can refuse service to those who commit the sins of the religion of the business owner quickly leads to absurdity. Will a Sikh shop owner be able to refuse service to anyone who isn’t wearing a turban? Will a Muslim shop owner be able to refuse service to any woman who doesn’t wear a hijab or a burqa?

One’s right to practice their religion, or to be nonreligious, is a bedrock principle of our nation. But just as one’s right to swing one’s fist must end at the point of another’s nose, the practice of one’s religion must end at infringing upon another person.

Paul Rinzler, Arroyo Grande