Letters to the Editor

Mexico will be building their own wall before long

I would like to express a few thoughts on the new minimum wage increase that talk radio and politicians claim will put people out of work and cause small businesses to fail.

Their concern is not for the welfare of the middle class and small businesses; it’s for those same corporations that sent those well-paying jobs out of the country with the full cooperation of Congress.

I recently read Ford Motor company is building a plant in excess of a billion dollars in Mexico.

I ask you, is it fair for the minimum wage to remain static while the prices of a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas continue to rise?

If more American companies continue to send jobs overseas, then we need not worry about the cost to build a wall across our southern border; I submit that Mexico will build it on their own to keep the unemployed American workers from crossing to work in those plants for a few pesos a day.

When those American companies bring their products back, they sell them based on made here with union wages.

Jim Paglia, Atascadero