Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump may be only chance to save the world from new Dark Ages

I cannot remember a time when the Republican Party spent so much time and money to destroy its front-runner, Donald Trump.

They have lied, rumored, misrepresented and attacked Donald Trump to the point that some say they would vote for Hillary Clinton before Donald Trump. I fear for his personal safety.

I think establishment Republicans do not care if Hillary wins because they, the establishment Democrats and Republicans, are all global socialists, and the American people, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, our RIGHT to keep and bear arms and our Judeo-Christian traditions are in the way.

If the globalists could push a button and kill every Christian constitutionalist, they would do so in a second. Instead they are forced to try to change the demographics with illegal immigration and Muslim refugees to gain complete control. If that doesn’t work, they will plunge us into civil war. Donald Trump may just be our only chance to save the world from a new Dark Ages.

God protect Donald Trump!

Michael A. Pacer, Paso Robles