Letters to the Editor

Mississippi LGBT law allowing refusal of service is only the beginning

In her letter regarding the newly signed Mississippi law that allows businesses and religious groups to refuse service to LGBT people (“Law infringes on religious rights,” April 15), Nichole Landon continually refers to “religious freedom” rights that override the rights of a large segment of our population — LGBT people.

She overlooks history down through the ages in which “religious freedom” is exercised to stifle speech, control the lives of thousands, allow murder and torture of innocents who don’t happen to please the religious oppressors who were in control. And now we are finding that the “Bible Bangers” of this country are slowly insinuating themselves into our legal system with dangerous legislation like the Mississippi law. I fear that this is only the beginning, and it seems that more and more courts are going along with this travesty.

After LGBTs, what group is next?

Richard Kinz, Atascadero