Letters to the Editor

We already have socialism in the U.S.: Look at the oligarchy

In response to “Socialism only makes rich people become poor,” April 17:

When I was young, my parents talked about the evils of communism and socialism. The terms were used interchangeably. As I grew and began to read, it became clear that these two forms of government were bad only when there was a despotic or totalitarian regime heading up these governments. Mr. Bob Alderman’s recent letter made no sense if all the facts are compared.

Today, our oligarchy seems to feel socialism is good for them and capitalism is for the rest of us. Look at all of the billions of dollars these wealthy individuals and companies are granted by our government. Tax rates lower than most average wage earners. Income taxed at a rate of 15 percent! What is your tax rate?

Canada, Japan, England and other European countries are social democracies for a reason. These socialistic governments provide for their people. Here is just a small list of what your taxes buy you in these socialistic countries: health care, child care, education, public transportation, etc. What’s wrong with our government is that it is not socialistic enough for the majority.

Fred Raleigh, Paso Robles