Letters to the Editor

A pleasant visit to the Paso DMV

Everyone has to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles every now and again. Today, it was my turn.

Having made an appointment over the phone a week or so ago, I hoped for the best — perhaps I wouldn’t have to spend all afternoon in the Paso Robles DMV office.

Walked right in, Donna at the front desk greeted me with a nice smile and was very very polite and personable. Forms filled out, I was given a number for my turn — and within 5 minutes I was called. Chris with the very cool hat worked with me. He, too, was very polite, personable and kind. Within 20 minutes, I was in and out of that Paso Robles DMV office.

Hats off to whoever manages that Paso DMV office. The efficiency and friendliness of the folks behind the counter is what is missing in many businesses today. Thanks, Donna, and thanks, Chris, for making my afternoon.

Monica Becker, Garden Farms