Letters to the Editor

Taunting children on gender expression damages their development

Regarding the article on what it means when boys wear dresses (“When boys wear dresses: What does it mean?”April 7):

It is very important to get word of this out there in an appropriate and truthful manner — gendering clothing and toys is a habit that our society needs to drop. Taunting children for choosing to wear dresses when they are a boy or choosing to play with Hot Wheels cars when they are a girl can be damaging to their development.

I was so glad to see the statement that a boy wearing a dress does not necessarily mean he is gay or will one day transition from male to female; it simply means the boy likes dresses. We need to support children no matter what. The judgment and hatred put onto children who do not fit gender norms is something deeply concerning. I only hope our society becomes more open minded and accepting of all people, despite what their sexuality, gender identity or interests may be.

Victoria Pfeiffer, Paso Robles