Letters to the Editor

Socialism only makes rich people poor

The radical left-wing professors who have infested our colleges and universities have convinced many of our children and grandchildren that socialism is a much better system than capitalism. They argue that socialism is “fair” and capitalism is not.

They ignore the fact that socialism only makes rich people poor, while capitalism offers many opportunities for poor people to become rich.

After a socialist government has stolen enough money from the hard-working producers of the country and given it to the poor, the producers see that there is no reward for working hard and stop. The source of money dries up, and everybody becomes poorer.

While pursuing their own self-interests under capitalism, people will invent, produce, distribute or improve items that people want. If they are successful, they can become wealthy; at the same time, they will inadvertently improve the lives of others.

This has happened over and over again with such items as the automobile, airplane, telephone, radio, television, computer and the smartphone, just to name a few.

It is doubtful that many of these items would even exist today if the United States had been founded as a socialist country.

Bob Alderman, San Luis Obispo