Letters to the Editor

Nothing is scarier than an uneducated voter

With our insane election quickly approaching, I have started to get scared at the direction our country is heading.

I was pleased to read Fabrizio Grigouli’s letter (“Call to action for ‘We the People,’” April 9), especially when he urges action to reform our broken system. It really is time to change our government.

However, “We the People” can not forcefully demand change unless we are knowledgeable about our current state. As the election draws closer, we are trusting our fellow citizens to make an informed decision that will impact the whole country. But the majority of voters don’t research the candidates who could become our president. Even fewer research the propositions that could become our laws. The scariest thing for a democracy is an uneducated voter. Taking personal responsibility and educating ourselves will be the first step in changing our government for the better.

Rebecca Whipp, Paso Robles