Letters to the Editor

Forcing businesses to serve LGBT people is an infringement of First Amendment rights

Regarding the article on Mississippi’s recent law allowing businesses and religious groups to refuse service to LGBT people (“Mississippi Gov. signs law allowing service denial to gays,” April 5): I understand people’s concerns with this law in that it could be used as a tool of discrimination.

But to not have it would be to infringe on our First Amendment right to freedom of religion. It saddens me that others would be treated unequally on account of this, but the way we’re trying to solve this problem isn’t worth compromising our religious freedom.

Issues like this have been seen repeatedly throughout history, and making new laws to prevent them never solves the core of the issue. For example, racism prevailed in America long after anti-segregation laws were established and still exist today. Like racism, I predict this is a social issue that won’t be solved with laws alone — though, laws have been set attempting to solve issues of inequality, and perhaps, despite history, they will prevail. I respect people’s effort to gain equality for LGBT people, but these efforts should never violate basic American freedoms.

Nichole Landon, Paso Robles