Letters to the Editor

Congressional candidate advocates anti-war message

In coverage of Friday’s congressional candidates forum in Atascadero (“Congressional candidates debate U.S. role in accepting refugees,” April 9), all references to my anti-war message were omitted.

Time and again I repeated, last week and at the previous forum sponsored by Cal Poly, that I’m running for U.S. Congress to give people a chance to vote against war and for peace.

The U.S. is involved in seven wars and major military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Even minimal research will show these actions are motivated by oil, profit and economics — not humanitarian concern or national security.

Wars are bankrupting our nation morally and economically, killing thousands of innocent people and displacing millions more while putting our troops in peril. All they accomplish is to make new enemies and assure future wars.

With the prospect of nuclear weapons falling into terrorist hands, the need is more urgent than ever: We must end war, or war will end us.

Voters are tired of a forced choice between Democrat and Republican Wall Street candidates.

As an independent, explicitly anti-war candidate, I give people a chance to reject the status quo and vote for peace. Please don’t censor that message.

John Uebersax, Morro Bay