Letters to the Editor

Helping to end world hunger at the local level

Lately I have noticed how ridiculous the world has gotten with a case that hasn’t been solved yet: world hunger.

Hunger is a very serious problem that not many people realize. There are some kids at my school who complain about their lunches that they buy or their parents pack for them. But this is because they haven’t realized they are lucky kids.

There are about 795 million people in the world who are chronically malnourished, and 12.9 percent of the world’s population is hungry.

We should do something about this before this problem gets worse. We can start by letting all of the citizens of San Luis Obispo know so they can be aware of it. We can do canned food drives with prizes for people who bring in the most cans. San Luis Obispo is a small community, but I believe that if we all work together to spread the news, we can help solve this problem.

Let’s act locally. Let’s show other cities that even though we are a small community, we are capable of solving big problems.

Crystal DeLeon, San Luis Obispo