Letters to the Editor

Hunting and nature: Standing up against willful ignorance

I am writing in response to the article by The Sacramento Bee on hunters losing their advocate (Feb. 11).

It appears the California Fish and Game Commission may finally be trying to take the necessary responsible steps to help nature balance itself. The Fish and Game departments of the U.S. have been deliberately overpopulating herbivores such as deer and elk for many years in an attempt to, you guessed it, raise money, and all the time offering bounty money to kill off predators. The disingenuous mismanagement was designed specifically to sell hunting as the only way to stop the overpopulation problem that they purposely created, as it was the hunters running the show. Now that hunters are not having their shameful way, they want out. That’s a good thing. When the decisions are being made for the benefit of all wildlife and the vast majority of the people agree, if the very small minority is bothered, then the problem lies with them.

Standing up against willful ignorance is a tough road, but a very worthy one.

Wayne Butler, Templeton