Letters to the Editor

SLO County supervisor candidate Eric Michielssen is ‘just one of us’

Eric Michielssen.
Eric Michielssen. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Thank you for your recent editorial (“SLO County supervisor election: the District 5 dilemma,” April 9). But I’m just not seeing the real dilemma. Especially when you consider the respective campaign infrastructures.

Handsomely compensated political consultants may be able to script Debbie Arnold’s positions for the upcoming June election, but they cannot erase her atrocious voting record — one that reveals an extreme ideology and allegiance to her most generous donors.

Conversely, Eric Michielssen has no script, because his campaign is an all-volunteer effort, running on the kind of commitment that money cannot buy. Eric is a thoughtful, intelligent, down-to-earth organic farmer who may not exhibit the polish we’ve come to expect from politicians. But that is exactly what I find refreshing and trustworthy about him.

I am supporting Eric Michielssen for 5th District county supervisor because he’s not funded by big-monied special interests who will expect special favors. He’s just one of us, and he will listen carefully in order to represent all of his constituents.

Francois Beraud, Atascadero