Letters to the Editor

Take small steps to help San Luis Obispo

Stormy clouds hover around Bishop Peak.
Stormy clouds hover around Bishop Peak. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

In our small, happy San Luis Obispo town, we don’t think much of disasters and cautions to our town, because those things usually don’t effect us.

Lately, in our U.S. history class at Laguna Middle School, we have been introduced to some things that could cause harm to our regular everyday society. But, I believe that if we don’t become aware about global warming — one of the biggest issues our world is facing today — San Luis Obispo will become one of those towns where we have to think of disasters and cautions.

Some of the easiest things to do to help stop global warming are to walk and bike places, because our town rarely faces bad weather. Another — maybe more expensive — option is to get solar panels, because we can’t seem to get enough sun in California!

I hope the reader of this learned something about global warming and that you’ll think next time you get into a car and release carbon dioxide.

Hannah Kelsey, San Luis Obispo