Letters to the Editor

Oregon standoff requires more balanced media coverage

I am alarmed by the media’s lack of objective coverage of the militant terrorist actions near Burns, Ore. The media have failed to tell us the religious background of these armed terrorists so that we can scorn and harass any like-minded people in our neighborhoods. What are their ethnic backgrounds? To what political parties do they belong? We need to purge our free country of their anarchist thoughts and ways. These kinds just want to overthrow our country and destroy the U-S-of-A.

Would a drone strike work to end this siege? Why did the sheriff go in to talk with them and not with guns blazing? Was iy because they appear white and not black? Is it OK for locals to shoot them and claim a stand-your-ground defense? If we can capture them, will we send them to Guantanamo for safe keeping with no plans to have a day in court? Is our government monitoring their cybercommunications to see who else might have been indoctrinated?

We need balanced coverage of this event, and balanced response by our government in the same manner that was done when one of those others did something.

Ric Deshler, Morro Bay