Letters to the Editor

California creates a culture of death

Kaiser Health (“Aid in Dying,” Nov. 24) fails to give reasons why the American Medical Association and others oppose the newly passed California law approving physician-assisted suicide. There are obviously a number of reasons: access to lethal drugs can be abused by vulnerable patients — disabled, depressed, dependent and frail, aged and those who are misdiagnosed.

It is cheaper for Medicare to provide a lethal pill than treatment and palliative care.

The passage of this bill was rushed through without proper attention to safety. Does the public realize that the pill can arrive by mail, FedEx or UPS? That no family member other than the individual who requested it has to know about it? That it can be kept in a supposed “safe and secure” place at home for two years without provision or any form of supervision?

Caregivers, doctors and pharmacists are invited by this bill to become providers of death (insurance companies refer to assisted suicide as “natural death”) rather than guardians of life. California, supposedly the place for the dream life, is immersing itself more deeply in the culture of death.

Genevieve Czech, San Luis Obispo